What People Are Saying...

Robert Peng's compelling life story illuminates a vast inner world. His clear and incisive teaching expands our understanding of what is possible, and his healing energy is truly remarkable. Robert's work is a great blessing.

Joseph Goldstein
Co-Founder, Insight Meditation Society, and author of A Heart Full of Peace and One Dharma:The Emerging Western Buddhism.

Robert Peng’s work is truly phenomenal—impactful on a physical and emotional level, grounding, and centering. I am in awe of his profound gift and the way he has chosen to use it in service to others. He is a true healer and a master at his craft.

Seane Corn
Yogini and founder of Off the Mat and Into the World

A great Qigong Master. Robert Peng brings alive the life-enhancing art of Qi to the US and Australia. I have learnt a huge amount from him.


A delicious read. I am thrilled that such a book is available to help unlock the mysteries of energy healing and the Life Force. Robert Peng is a master storyteller and healer. This book is a wonderful combina- tion of his personal journey and instructions that will take you deeper into the wisdom and practice of Qigong. Don’t miss this one!

Donna Eden
Author, Energy Medicine

I was privileged to bring Robert Peng from China. It's been a thrill to see how this amazing man, with his mastery of Qigong---which I could barely believe when I first saw it, in Hainan---has changed the lives of so many. Read his remarkable book and discover how your own life can be energized, healed and empowered.

(The Honorable) Robert J. Hawke
Prime Minister of Australia, 1983-91

“Robert's teaching is very clear, comprehensive, and systematic and his classes are enlivened by his great sense of humor and joy. Most importantly he understands America culture, which is crucial for transmitting deep knowledge from ancient masters.”

Richard P. Brown, MD
Author, How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care.

Robert’s Qi helped save my life. But he does something more important than heal, he teaches you to heal yourself. I am very fortunate to have found him.

Sally Jessy Raphael
Talk Show Host

“About fifty pages into QIGONG MASTER, I began to feel a powerful desire to walk across the country just to listen to Robert Peng talk about anything—the weather, baseball, it would not matter. This man knows things. He is a living link to a tradition that could give new meaning to the word ‘human.’”

Steven Forrest
Bestselling Author, The Inner Sky

“I received the book Qigong Master last week and devoured through it in three days. It was awesome!”

Jonathan Hall

Robert’s skill in the art of Qigong practice is of the highest caliber of practitioners in the field.

James MacRitchie
Founder of the National Qigong Association, USA

“Robert’s application of Qigong to problems in the area of pain and anxiety have proven to be exceedingly efficacious and border on the astounding.”

Dr. Craig A. Foster
Plastic Surgeon

Robert Peng’s extraordinary abilities as a qigong master are a gift to all and his story is a miraculous journey into uncharted territory. Through this book, we too can learn to tap into our spiritual reservoirs and find our unique path to happiness.

Florence Comite, MD.
Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine, author of "Keep It Up"

“Robert's extraordinary teaching and training methods in this ancient art and wisdom tradition not only has given me more vitality and joy, it has been a blessing in another area of my life that was not expected. As an avid lifetime golfer and golf instructor, I now find I am playing the game with a body that feels 20 years younger. I recommend Master Peng to anyone interested in health, longevity

Ned Koelliker
Golf Instructor

“A dozen happy years have I embraced since Robert first healed my body and spirit with his extraordinary gift.  Ancient teachings rise up through him in his workshops pointing us all to the empowering path of self healing.”

Blake Foster

By doing Robert’s Qigong classes my own skills as a professional actor have improved by a great deal. Vocally, for example, I gained an octave and a half in the speaking range of my voice. Also, my reserves of energy didn’t drain the way they used to, no matter how fit I had been in the past.

Colin Friels

Your book Qigong Master is FANTASTIC!

Blanche D'Alpuget
Novelist and Biographer

“Robert’s treatments are extraordinary. It is the only word I can think of that explains the experience of him transferring his Qi energy to me. I am a trial lawyer by trade and without the direct experience of his gift I would have a hard time believing it. It's true.  Believe it!”

Joseph DiNardo

“Robert’s courses are very valuable because he helps people to help themselves.”

Annika Jende

“Robert Peng is a great teacher. From him I have learned that the body is a hidden source and storage of endless energy and power. I committed myself to study and complete the 12 Cycle program and now I am happy to report I feel physically far stronger, mentally more alert, and spiritually more at peace.”

Vlad Doronin
Chairman of the Capital Group

“Your book is so good. Congratulations!  I loved reading your story and how you went through the process of learning and mastering Qigong...it was SO interesting! I know you will effect many people in a positive way with your teachings!”

Kathy Freston
New York Times Best Selling Author

“I recommended many of my friends to Robert’s workshops and paid for many of my staff to attend. I even incorporated Robert’s Qigong classes into our company’s yearly business planning conference and the results were outstanding.”

Peter Bliss
CEO, Business is Bliss

“Wow! The most amazing feeling I ever received from another human. Robert is God sent. Thank you! Thank you!”

Khaliah Ali
Daughter of Muhammad Ali

“My understanding of Eastern medicine has grown immensely since studying with Robert. I will be able to offer this knowledge in my work with cancer patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.”

Shelley Lynne Cummins
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“Robert Peng is someone I can safely recommend as the "real deal" – a humble yet talented qigong healer with time-tested training methods.  Learning from him is a safe path to healing and radiant health.”

Michael Winn

Director of Healing Tao USA

“I consider Robert to be a Qigong Master of extraordinary and unique ability and of exemplary character.”

Allan Kelson,
President, Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute

“Robert has an important message for the way we think, live, and heal ourselves. His story brought tears of joy to my eyes many times, and I felt a deep sense of hope for everyone as I read the book.”

Nigol Koulajian
Board of Directors, Omega Institute

“I keep your book, Qigong Master, by my bedside. It tells a story that fables are made from but in these pages become so real. I always sensed that the world had something 'other' and you created a vehicle that lets me feel this invisible world as a simple truth. The book is much more than a collection of printed words. It is a manual of realization.”

Francine Panely

“Robert is capable of transferring Qi energy via his finger tips. This is a truly exceptional talent. It has to be experienced to be believed. As a student, I shifted my complete personal reality when I shattered a granite block with one flick of my hand. I went on to break a heavy duty chopstick against the base of my throat—the most vulnerable part of the human body—without harm.” 

Sandra Fayer
Past life Regression Therapist

“Robert’s work is unique. I never felt anything as powerful. As his fingers touched certain points on my face and neck  I felt surges of Qi which I would describe as “zapping” or mild electric shocks. It was a remarkable experience. I know of no other Qigong Master who can do this.”

Tom Banasiak
Shiatsu Therapist and Certified Teacher

“Robert is a kind, gentle soul with an awakened heart full of compassion and amazing Qi powers. Extraordinary humility tops the list of his spiritual gifts.”

Rafael Nasser
Author, Under One Sky & Co-Author, Qigong Master

“Robert Peng is one of those rare individuals, whose light shines just by being present. His teaching is inspiring and highly effective. Since 2006, Robert has been a member of our faculty at Fellowships of the Spirit, where he developed a devoted following of Qigong students and highly trained Qigong healers who are carrying his work throughout the world.”

Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, MS
Director of The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, at Fellowships of the Spirit

An extraordinary reference text for anyone interested in the energy body and Qigong. This is a ‘must read’ for self healing with energy.

Ann Marie Chiasson,
MD, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, author of Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self Care

Master Robert Peng is a true demonstration of Qigong spirit in his healing power, abundant creativity and clear virtue. I am grateful to be his colleague and kindle friend on this path of shared vision and service.

Master Mingtong Gu
Wisdom Healing Qigong