Harmony Qigong

Flow like water

When water flows freely it is pure and clean like a mountain stream. You can drink this water safely. It is rich in minerals and it tastes delicious. But if you blocked the flow and this same water stagnated, it would become murky and attract disease.

Similarly, when Qi energy flows smoothly through the body our internal organs absorb this radiant force and they feel nourished and satisfied. When our internal organs are happy, we feel great.

But when we experience chronic stress the body tightens and “blockages” form. These obstructions reduce the amount of Qi flow. The fresh mountain stream becomes a series of stagnant ponds of murky Qi. The internal organs are deprived of vitality and they weaken. Symptoms appear and eventually diseases form.

The Qigong exercises taught in this workshop use gentle movement to chip away at the “blockages” and reinvigorate the flow of Qi energy. As the obstructions disappear symptoms go away and youthful vitality is regained.

The workshop is open to everyone.

Practices taught:
  • 8 Cycles
  • Small Heavenly Circuit (Microcosmic Orbit)

"Flow like water and glide through the day like a stream flowing through a stony creek."