Happiness Qigong

The secret of happiness

You are feeling downbeat and lethargic. The world feels bleak and gray. You turn on your favorite music. Suddenly your spirit lifts and your heart opens. The skies brighten and the world fills with joy. A few moments ago your feet were made of lead but now they want to dance. You are happy.

The cultivation of unconditional happiness is the cherished goal of Qigong. Unconditional happiness is happiness without a cause. Imagine tapping a wellspring of inner joy that fills your body with radiant vitality and puts a perpetual smile on your face. This kind of childlike happiness is the cherished goal of Qigong.

In this workshop you will discover the Qigong secret of happiness and learn four exercises designed to bring you closer to goal of of feeling happy for no good reason.

The workshop is open to everyone.

Practices taught:

  • Three Treasures Standing Meditation
  • Lotus Meditation
  • Connecting Universe
  • Strong Fire Breathing

"Your outer life reflects the quality of your Qi. When you glow inside, the whole world shines."