Awaken the 4 Golden Wheels

There are three centers that hold vast amounts of Qi energy deep inside your body. These three Energy Centers regulate your capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality. The relative strength of these qualities determines your energy type.

If you can tap wisdom more easily than love, for example, you may be brilliant but emotionally blocked and unable to open your heart and connect with others deeply. Or if you express love more easily than wisdom you may have a noble heart full of good intentions but timing your actions wisely becomes an issue.

In most of us, one of these centers tends to be stronger than the other two and one center tends to be weaker than the other two. This energetic imbalance manifest as an imbalance in daily life since Qi and life reflect each other.

In this workshop we explore the nature of Qi energy and the theory behind these Energy Centers. Then we shift from theory to practice by awakening, activating, and harmonizing our internal energy using two special empowerment practices known as Hologram Palm Empowerment and the Breathing Empowerment. Finally, you learn a simple movement set known as 4 Golden Wheels Exercise to deepen the connection between your internal energies and the energies of Heaven and Earth.

The workshop is open to everyone.

Practices taught:

  • The Theory of the 4 Golden Wheels
  • Hologram Palm Empowerment
  • Breathing Empowerment
  • Awakening Awareness
  • Nourishing Qi
  • 4 Golden Wheels Exercise

"We all have good day and bad days. The difference between them depends on the quality of our Qi. If you practice Qigong every day can be a good day."