RP Qigong Teacher Training

Teacher Training - Master Key 1 & 2

Master Key 1 & 2 Teacher Training includes the Qigong theory and practices taught in my book, The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom, which are taught in my two workshops: Empowerments and Happiness Qigong.

This week long teacher training course has three objectives:

  1. Breaking down the theory and philosophy of RP Qigong into basic building blocks that can be rearranged into various formats and presented by RP Qigong certified teachers to students in classes ranging from one hour, one day, weekend workshops, or ongoing classes.
  2. Analyzing the underlying principles of each exercise. Understanding the benefits of each practice and how to adapt the practices for children, the elderly, and practitioners with special needs.
  3. How to develop an individual style of presentation that reflects your personality and how to empower your teaching methods using special Qigong techniques. You will be provided with teaching materials and guidance on how to use them effectively. You will also be taught to invoke powerful energies to run group healings.

Specific topics covered:

  1. Four Golden Wheels Theory
  2. 6 Dantian Typology
  3. Three Treasures
  4. Nourishing Qi
  5. Hologram Palm Empowerments
  6. Central Meridian Breathing Empowerment
  7. Four Golden Wheels Exercise
  8. Three Treasures Standing Meditation
  9. Connecting Universe
  10. Lotus Meditation
  11. Empowering your teaching space
  12. Performing a group healing
  13. Using the RP Qigong Power Point Presentation
  14. How to arrange music for a class
  15. Teaching a class vs. Teaching a workshop


This training is open to any student who attended Empowerments and Happiness Qigong.

These courses will be taught in 2017 at the following locations and dates:

  1. January 13th - 16th 2017 (Stay at Eastover, same private room or shared room with private bathroom in room cost much much less, commuter fee you pay to Kripalu covers your meals, no extra cost).
    Long Weekend Residential Retreat at Kripalu, Massachusetts
  2. April 30 - May 5, 2017
    Qigong Empowerments and Healing Intensive, at Esalen, California
  3. July 23 - 28, 2017
    Residential Retreat of Qigong Empowerments, in Omega, New York

If you previously attended any of the workshops listed below, you qualify to attend the RP Qigong Teacher Training as well.

  1. Any of the Develop your Body-Mind-Spirit courses taught at Fellowships of the Spirit between 2008 — 2009.
  2. Any of the following Elixir Light Qigong workshops taught at Omega Institute:

    • June 4-6 2010
    • May 27-30 2011
    • May 25-28 2012
    • May 24-27 2013
    • May 23-26 2014
    • July 12-17 2015
    • July 10-15 2016

  3. Any of the following Qigong to Increase Your Healing Power workshops taught at Kripalu:

    • January 18-21 2013
    • January 17-20 2014
    • January 16-19 2015
    • January 15-18 2016

  4. Any of the following Qigong Empowerment & Healing Intensive workshops taught at ESALEN:

    • June 18-21 2015
    • June 5-10 2016

Next Workshops:

RP Qigong Teacher Training

Sunday August 20th night - Sunday 27th noon 2017
Registration details is yet to come.

Eastover Retreat, 430 East Street, PO Box 2282, Lenox, MA 01240

Tuition: $1295
This week long CERTIFIED intensive training for RP Qigong Teacher Training will include how to teach RP Qigong philosophy and all different exercises of Master Key series.
Robert will also reveal the secret of how to conduct a powerful group healing. Complimentary teaching tools like PPT and teacher training book will also be provided.