12 Cycles Yang

Revitalize your Yang meridians

This course, is a three month long process that begins with an Opening session and ends with a twenty four hour long Closing session.

During the Opening, Robert activates a series of energy points on each participant in preparation for the twelve exercises that are taught during this session.

The exercises that make up 12 Cycle Yang focus on empowering the Yang Meridians which run on the outside of the body.

Using a unique breathing technique and rice bags, the practitioner concentrates Qi Energy into the Yang Meridians to purify and concentrate their Qi. Gradually, the body and the mind become stronger and more resilient.

At the Closing session Robert "seals" the energy points he activated in the Opening session, one meridian at a time. This process takes approximately twenty four hours. The course ends with a demonstration by the participants of their newfound Qigong powers.

Some lifestyle changes are required of participants during the three months of practice, including no alcohol and sexual moderation.

Student demonstration at the 12 Cycle Yang closing ceremony: bending and breaking a spear against her throat.