Yi Jin Jing

The Original Shaolin Temple Exercise

Over one thousand years ago an Indian monk named Bodhidharma introduced Buddhism to China. According to legend he found the bookish monks living in the monasteries he visited to be weak and lethargic. Believing that strong, healthy bodies enhance spiritual development he created the Yi Jin Jing. The monks he taught became the legendary Shaolin fighting monks.

In this workshop you learn a special breathing technique to strengthen your kidneys and a series of dynamic tension movement exercises designed to strengthen sinews, tonify soft tissue, integrate fascia and skeletal structure, energize bone marrow, and develop real internal power.

This practice is ideal if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or suffer from poor posture and wish to regain bodily strength. It is also recommended for athletes and martial artists who want to reach new levels of peak performance. Men and women of all ages can benefit from this transformative practice.

The workshop is open to everyone.

"Yi Jin Jing strengthens tendons, ligaments, and fascia, the protective sheath that holds the body together. These soft tissues are often ignored by exercise programs but they are the key to awakening real internal power."