The Master Key Series


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Qigong Ecstasy DVD

$19.95 US

A Qigong Movement and Meditation Practice to Cultivate Radiant Happiness

The energy of joy lifts your spirit, opens your heart, and fills you with enthusiasm for life. With Qigong Ecstasy, Master Robert Peng brings you a potent practice for cultivating unconditional joy—bringing forth an inner wellspring to fill your body and spirit with radiant vitality.

This 45-minute practice gently activates the three Dantians—the major energy centers of the body—dissolving stagnant energy that impedes the flow of life-giving Qi. Qigong Ecstasy begins with structured movement sequences that generate a strong energetic charge. Robert then transitions you into spontaneous Qigong that lets the energy take over, moving the body with playful and free-flowing expression as you immerse yourself in the abundant Qi of the universe. Finally, he brings you to a place of meditative stillness for grounding, peace, and blissful oneness with the Qi of Heaven, Earth, and your own body.

The result: you awaken within you "a gurgling spring of fresh energy that streams into all your activities."

Clear and open Qi channels give you access to a greater reservoir of the vital energy we need for health and happiness. Qigong Ecstasy is a complete training video in a powerful practice to amplify your capacity for joyous living—infusing you with an inner radiance that carries you effortlessly through the day.

MASTER KEY, Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom

$21.95 US

Please Note: this book is the new version of QIGONG MASTER, My Life and Secret Teachings, with different cover and title.

MASTER KEY, Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom describes the life, philosophy, and practices of Robert Peng, a Qigong Master who trained secretly in China during the Cultural Revolution.

The book includes an intriguing account of Robert's apprenticeship with his Master, Xiao Yao, as well as a description of the essential practices of the system he teaches.

Robert offers the reader an engaging look at the process he underwent to awaken his own extraordinary spiritual gifts and reveals a systematic, step-by-step approach that readers can follow to boost their capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality, and bring about more peace and happiness.

Additionally, Robert explains how we can use the spiritual energies awakened through Qigong practice to protect ourselves from negative tendencies, enhance intimate relationships, and help us realize a meaningful destiny as creative beings living in a loving Universe.

The book includes 150 illustrations.

The Master Key Video Series

$79.95 US

A Master Teacher Offers Comprehensive Training in Qigong for Happiness, Longevity, and Awakening

Is it possible to maintain a youthful flow of abundant vitality throughout our entire lives? Qigong masters such as Robert Peng know that we can—by using time-tested practices to amplify our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. With The Master Key Video Series, this renowned teacher presents four DVDs of instruction in powerful Chinese energy practices to enhance our health, sustain our happiness, and bring us into effortless alignment with the flow of life.

Recorded in beautiful settings and enhanced with computer animations, this series brings viewers a comprehensive progression of Qigong's most valuable teachings. Join this exceptional teacher as he guides you through:

* Disc One: The Basics—Follow Robert's own journey into Qigong through the teachings of his master, the legendary monk Xiao Yao. You'll then establish the foundations of your practice with exercises to awaken and balance your Three Dantians, the primary energy centers of your body that govern wisdom, love, and vitality.

* Disc Two: Empowerments—Learn the practices of the Hologram Palm Empowerment of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dantians, the Breathing Empowerment of the Central Meridian, and Awakening Awareness—practices to build inner harmony and a strong connection to the energetic resources of the world around you.

* Disc Three: Three Treasures Standing Meditation and 4 Golden Wheels Exercise—Two essential Qigong practices for deepening your experience of your subtle energy flow. You will learn to harmonize the forces of Heaven, Earth, and your body, and discover an essential restorative exercise to fill you with buoyant vitality each day.

* Disc Four: Lotus Meditation and Connecting Universe—Take a journey to the source of divinely inspired love: the awakened heart. After completely cleansing your body in the Lotus Meditation, you'll learn the Qigong meditation for opening and energizing the Central Meridian channel that connects you to the universe.

"The way of Qigong allows you to deepen your capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality," teaches Robert Peng. Here is an unparalleled resource of Qigong practices to reawaken your inner fountain of youth, balance the forces within and without for harmonious living, and open clear and abundant channels for life energy to flow.

The Master Key Audio Series

$39.95 US

Energy Practices for Happiness, Longevity, and Awakening

Is it possible to maintain a youthful flow of abundant vitality throughout our entire lives? Qigong masters such as Robert Peng know that we can—by using time-tested practices to amplify our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. With The Master Key Audio Series, this renowned teacher guides you through powerful Chinese energy practices to enhance your health, sustain happiness, and bring you into effortless alignment with the flow of life. Created to support the practices taught in Robert Peng's book and DVDs—with a special emphasis on visualizing and directing the flows of subtle energy—this series features:


This CD features the Hologram Palm Empowerment of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dantians, the Breathing Empowerment of the Central Meridian, and Awakening Awareness. These Qigong exercises are designed to awaken and harmonize your capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality. These qualities weave together to create the flow of life and when they are integrated you experience serenity and an alignment with the Universe.

CD2-Three Treasures Standing Meditation

Heaven, Earth, and the Human Being make up the Three Treasures and in this exercise you integrate your own personal Qi energies with the energies of Heaven and Earth by holding a series of static postures. This practice enables you to fuse your wisdom, love, and vitality with the qualities of heavenly inspiration and earthy groundedness. When all Three Treasures are harmoniously aligned you develop greater willpower and focus.

CD3-Four Golden Wheels Exercise

There are three main Energy Centers called Dantians inside the body that store vast amounts of Qi energy. This practice relies on four different movement patterns to gently activate these Three Dantians and dissolve the energy blockages that keep you from actualizing your full potential. When Qi energy flow is restored, each Dantian becomes a gurgling spring that streams fresh energy into your activities. This exercise leaves you feeling rejuvenated, open, and ready to flow through the day with a smile.

CD4-Lotus Meditation

In this beautiful guided visualization you take a journey to the source of divinely inspired love by awakening your heart. You begin by cleansing your body by sitting under an imaginary waterfall cascading healing energy from the sky. Then you you meet a Being of Light in a peaceful garden, absorb its essence, and merge with it. Finally you and the Being of Light merge with a beautiful lotus flower and radiate the fragrance of divine love.

CD5-Connecting Universe

The Central Meridian is an energy channel that unifies the three main Energy Centers located in the head, chest, and lower abdomen. The more open and energized the Central Meridian becomes the more integrated we feel internally and the more connected we become externally to Heaven and Earth. Connecting Universe is a meditation practice that develops the Central Meridian and infuses the core of the body with a brilliant pillar of radiant light.

AM/PM Qigong

$19.95 US

Yin and yang—the energies of Qi—have specific qualities. Yang is activating, energizing, and uplifting; while yin restores, calms, and soothes us. In the practice of Qigong, both are equally important to our health and happiness. With AM/PM Qigong, viewers join Master Robert Peng to learn two beginner-friendly practices for kick-starting your day with vibrancy and joy, and winding down for a restful, healing sleep. "Good Morning Qigong" combines gentle stretches and invigorating exercises with guided meditation to awaken you to your true nature as awareness itself. "Good Evening Qigong" modifies the morning routine for nighttime, soothing, relaxing, and nourishing the entire body. Although intended for morning and evening practice, these 30-minute exercises can be used effectively at any time during the day when you need to pick up the pace or to slow things down. AM/PM Qigong also brings you a special supplementary practice that Master Peng calls the "Lotus Meditation," a 24-minute guided visualization to awaken the heart and connect us to divine love.

8 Cycles (DVD)

$12.5 US   /   $8.99 US (mp4)

A beautiful, graceful Qigong moving meditation to make your body supple and your mind calm.
8 Cycles is a series of gentle exercises that can be safely practiced by anyone to energize the body and calm the mind. Through the repetition of simple movements, energy centers are activated and internal organs are massaged, nourished, and invigorated. As fresh energy circulates through the body, a sense of peace and happiness arises that follows throughout the day. The eight exercises can be practiced individually or as a sequence. 8 Cycles is simple to learn, and the more it is repeated, the more subtle and refined the practice becomes. Over time, as the movements become familiar, they elicit a deep meditative state that transform the experience into a journey that opens into a vast and mysterious realm of joy and light.
There is an additional 20 mins follow along video bonus through download.

Small Heavenly Circuit (CD)

$16.90 US   /   $9.99 US (mp3)


The Qigong Way to Immortality

Small Heavenly Circuit (SHC) is considered one of the most powerful techniques in Taoist Qigong for elevating spiritual awareness. It is a meditation practice that involves linking two energy pathways that run along the midline of the body into a cycling loop. One pathway, Du Mai (Governing Vessel), extends up the back; and the other, Ren Mai (Conception Vessel), runs down the front of the body. Along these pathways we find important energy points that act as reservoirs of energy:

1. Xia Dan Tian 2. Hui Yin 3. Wei Lu 4. Ming Men 5. Jia JI 6. Da Zhui 7. Yu Zhen 8. Bai Hui 9. Yin Tang 10. Que Qiao 11. Shan Zhong

Learn these points and you are ready to practice the Small Heavenly Circuit as instructed in the CD. For details, go to page: Small Heavenly Circuit

Ocean Whispers (CD)

$16.90 US   /   $9.99 US (mp3)


Sound to Regulate Your breath and Harmonize Space

Using multiple microphones, recordings of waves were collected and aesthetically superimposed in a rhythmic pattern to create a meshwork of dancing sounds that pacify the mind and soothe the heart. Enjoy to the soothing sound of ocean waves breaking on soft sand. As you listen, the lattice of sound expands, differentiates, and deepens. Corridors of sound open, and before long, the imagination opens wide and you are on a healing journey. Use Ocean Whispers as background sounds to harmonize space, to regulate your breath, or even as a shamanic guide to ferry you to countless imaginary worlds. For details, go to page: Ocean Whispers